27 essential things to take with you to university

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27 essential things to take with you to university

So, you passed your exams, got the grades you needed to get in to your dream university, and now cannot wait to get there and start your freshers’ year. The only obstacle you need to tackle now is the dreaded packing. It can be pretty difficult to decide what you need to take with you – especially when you have limited space in your new student digs.

To help, here is our list of 27 absolutely essential things you should take with you to university.

 1. Alarm clock – for those early morning starts and 9am lectures.

 2. Laptop computer / tablet – essential for seminars, study sessions or just watching Netflix in bed.

 3. Medical supplies – a small first aid kit with medication and some plasters will come in handy.

 4. Dressing gown and slippers – middle of the night fire alarms can be a common occurrence, so make sure you have something warm to wrap up in.

 5. USB stick – so you can access all your files, assignments and coursework on-the-go.

 6. Laundry basket – yes, you are going to be doing your own washing!

 7. Clothes horse – the easiest way to get all of your clothes dry inside your room or apartment.

 8. Backpack – for transporting around all of your books and folders.

 9. Headphones – crucial for your journeys to and from campus, and evenings in the library.

 10. Wok – the most versatile cooking item for students; frying, boiling, stewing, scrambling…you name it!

 11. Toastie maker – another student favourite for quick and cheap meals.

 12. A file of your important documents – passport, driver’s license, university acceptance letter, bank details etc.

 13. Portable speakers – perfect for flat/house parties and get-togethers.

 14. Photos of family and friends – these can really help with homesickness.

 15. A corkboard and drawing pins – for displaying your photos and making your new house more like home.

 16. Bottle and can openers – kitchen utensil essentials!

 17. Highlighters and multi-coloured pens – because everyone loves stationary.

 18. Diary – to keep track of your deadlines, key dates and schedules.

 19. Clothes hangers – self-explanatory but very useful and often forgotten about.

 20. Fancy dress outfit – there will be at least one fancy dress night a week so go prepared with some versatile options. 

 21. Sewing kit – for fixing the aforementioned fancy dress outfits, and even creating new ones.

 22. Desk lamp – to perfect your new study area in your room or apartment.

 23. Recipe book – including your favourite home-cooked meals.

 24. Tupperwares – start bulk cooking and freezing meals in these to save pennies!

 25. Hot water bottle – for cosy nights in on the sofa.

 26. A pack of cards – always come in handy.

 27. Earplugs – because after all of the studying and partying, you will need to catch up on your sleep!