Are you going to the Boat Race or the Goat Race?

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Are you going to the Boat Race or the Goat Race?

Every year since 1856, the River Thames has played host to a race between Oxford University Boat Club and Cambridge University Boat Club. The only time it's been cancelled was during the world wars. It's something of a British institution.

This year it's being held on Saturday 11th April. If you get down there early enough, you can reserve a spot to watch the race – you don't need a ticket or anything like that, and it's completely free. It's definitely worth having a wander down there, to experience the atmosphere if nothing else.

But if the idea of seeing these two teams of rowers go head to head doesn't exactly fill you with excitement, fear not, as there is an alternative race happening at the same time. And this one is guaranteed to get your pulse racing (so to speak). Are you ready? It's the Oxford vs. Cambridge Goat Race.

Yes, goat race.

What's the Oxford vs. Cambridge Goat Race all about, then?

Well, essentially, it's exactly as it sounds – two goats having a race. Just like the traditional Boat Race, one goat represents Oxford, the other Cambridge. So it's decision time. Boats or goats? You won't be able to attend both, as the Boat Race starts at Putney Bridge, while the Goat Race takes place 9.2 miles to the east at Spitalfields City Farm.

Unlike the traditional Boat Race, admission to the Goat Race isn't free – tickets are £12 (or £13.20 including the booking fee if you book online).

If you ask us, this is more than reasonable considering it's an opportunity not to be missed. Besides, all the money from the tickets goes to the animals at the farm – it provides them with food for a full year. The event is held mainly to provide for them, and also for a bit of fun.

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