Easter treats in London: two famous chocolatiers you must visit

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Easter treats in London: two famous chocolatiers you must visit

Isn't Easter great? Four days off in a row, a free schedule, and a fridge full of chocolate. Cadbury's do good eggs, there's no doubt about that, but you can get them anywhere – and you probably have one (or six) of theirs every year.

This Easter, we want to help you make the most of London's chocolate opportunities. Here are two suggestions on where to get your Easter treats this year. Why not go to both?

Montezuma's Chocolates

Have you been to Spitalfields Market yet? If not, it's time to finally change that. Not only can you buy great clothes in this historic area of London, but also great chocolate to stain them with. Montezuma's is a truly British chocolate experience – and we don't just mean visually. All their chocolate is made in their very own factory in West Sussex.

Like all good chocolatiers, they pull out all the stops for Easter. Their second-biggest egg, which is filled with fudge, is 24cm high and 17cm wide. That's about the size of your head (honestly it is – we googled it). You should see the size of the one that's bigger than that. We'll let you see for yourself.

Their Spitalfields shop is on Brushfield Street (E1 6AA), which is the road facing the stunningly distinctive Christ Church (which you should go and take a look at while you're there) – you can't miss it.

Paul A Young Fine Chocolates

Moving four miles to the west now, we come to Paul A Young's shop on Wardour Street in Soho (W1F 8WA). Paul isn't just the guy who owns the place – he's a genuinely talented and passionate chocolatier.

In the past, he's worked with Marks & Spencer and Sainsbury's. He now has four of his own shops in total, and in each one the teams hand-make their batches of chocolate in artisan fashion. In other words, they know what they're doing.

Paul is known for his experimentation, and this is reflected in all the products you'll find in his shops. He tries lots of strange combinations out. His philosophy seems to be along the lines of, "If you don't try, you'll never know," and we like that.

Rumour has it that this Easter, Paul and his teams are creating a collection of hot cross buns – really. As we said, he likes to experiment...

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