Freshers' Week: getting things done

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Freshers' Week: getting things done

When most students think of Freshers' Week, they think of wild nights out – and rightly so, because going out and enjoying yourself with your new flatmates and fellow freshers is a uni tradition. Not only that – it will also establish and secure your new social life.

However, these aren't the only unmissable events during Freshers' Week – registrations and orientation meetings are just as vital.

Getting organised over these few days is hugely important, as this is what sets you up for the academic year. The more you get right from the get-go, and the more you familiarise yourself with your university and its way of doing things, the easier everything will be for you later on.

Important stuff you should do

So fun and games aside, here's what you should try to do during Freshers' Week if possible:

Get registered

At many universities, you'll be given your student ID card and other important documents when you officially enrol, so it's definitely worth getting out of bed to attend your registration appointment(s) – yes, even if you've been out late the night before! Otherwise, you could put yourself at a disadvantage before your lectures and seminars even start.

Explore your campus

Getting your bearings properly takes time – it could take a few weeks to get to know your way around the different buildings and campuses that your classes are being held in.

However, a bit of casual exploration during Freshers' Week will give you a good head-start. With a campus map and a careful eye, you'll be much less disorientated once the semester starts and you need to navigate your way around.

Join a society

Joining a society isn't compulsory – it's not even strongly encouraged by many universities – but it can be very rewarding. Being part of a society allows you to pursue a specific interest and meet new friends in the process – ones you don't live with and who don't necessarily study the same thing you do.

For instance, if you've always wanted to try a new sport (or you want to keep up a sport that you already play), there's probably a society you can join for it. Then there are more artistic societies – for music, film, photography, literature and so on. There are even societies for very particular interests – one example being Harry Potter!

The best way to discover your uni's societies is to attend a freshers' fair (many well-run societies will have a stall there), or you could try looking on your uni's official website. Put it this way: there'll be a society for you.

Get some of your books

In most cases, you'll have your reading list by the time Freshers' Week comes around, so it might be an idea to pop into your uni library when you go to pick up your student ID card. This way, you might be able to borrow some of the books you need for the upcoming semester, and it means you might not have to buy some of them. Remember: if you leave it too late, your course-mates might beat you to it!