Halloween Films at the Prince Charles Cinema

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Halloween Films at the Prince Charles Cinema

The Prince Charles Cinema in Leicester Square is dedicated to screening classic films all year round. It's showing a varied selection of horror movies throughout the second half of October to celebrate Halloween cinematically, and here are the 10 we'd recommend:

A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984) – 29th October at 20:45

Featuring a very early appearance from Johnny Depp, Wes Craven's A Nightmare on Elm Street is a cult classic of the slasher subgenre and its antagonist Freddy Krueger is one of the most recognisable in horror film history.

Ghostbusters (1984) – 30th October at 18:30 and 21:00

For those who'd prefer to see a slightly less sinister and much funnier film, Ghostbusters would be the one to go for. Ivan Reitman's supernatural comedy is just as delightful now as it was 30 years ago when it was released, and any opportunity to see it on the big screen just has to be jumped at.

Halloween (1978) – 31st October at 18:15, 20:45 and 23:00

Rather appropriately, John Carpenter's slasher masterpiece is playing on Halloween night – three times. It was the film that inspired many other Halloween classics such as A Nightmare on Elm Street and Friday the 13th. And if you catch one of the first two showings, you'll get out in time to head to a party or club night.

Manhunter (1986) – 21st October at 20:45

Brian Cox was the first to portray Hannibal "the Cannibal" Lecter on film, in this 1986 adaptation of Red Dragon. Sir Anthony Hopkins immortalised the character with his chilling performance in The Silence of the Lambs five years later, but Lecter portrayals aside Manhunter is widely considered just as good if not better than the 2003 version of Red Dragon. Whichever you prefer, it's fascinating to compare the two interpretations side by side.

Scream 1, 2, 3 & 4 (1996, 1997, 2000 & 2011) – 18th October at 23:30

Having already directed several low-budget horror classics such as The Hills Have Eyes and A Nightmare on Elm Street, director Wes Craven made Scream in 1996 which turned into a multimillion-dollar four-film franchise. The Prince Charles is hosting a Saturday all-nighter in which all four instalments will be shown.

The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari (1920) – 15th October at 20:45

Legendary film critic Roger Ebert famously called this silent horror from the German Expressionist movement "the first true horror film". It might not be everyone's cup of tea, but given its historical significance and the fact that it was digitally restored this year, it's certainly worth checking out if you're a film student or particularly interested in movie history.

The Thing (1982) – 26th October at 21:00

Science fiction fans will be in their element with this showing of John Carpenter's cult classic. It famously underperformed at the box office in 1982, but that is thought to be largely due to the fact that Steven Spielberg's ET: the Extra-Terrestrial was released just two months earlier. The Thing is perhaps a touch 'dated' now in its special effects, but hardcore horror fans will find that all the more charming, and the same goes for the superb soundtrack by legendary composer Ennio Morricone.

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