London on Instagram: five accounts you need to follow

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London on Instagram: five accounts you need to follow

We've all seen London postcards depicting red buses, red telephone boxes, Tower Bridge and Big Ben. But it's 2015 now, and there's so much more to London than these tourist hotspots – as you may already have figured out.

The great thing about living in London is that you get to experience the city as it really is – not as it appears on postcards. Don't get us wrong though – we still love a pretty picture, and to prove it, here are five London-based Instagram users you need to follow.


The Tube is probably one of the most famous transport systems in the world. But did you know how old it is? 152 years. Yes, really.

@missunderground, as you can probably tell by her name, is a huge fan of the Tube. Her speciality is symmetrical photos of pathways, corridors and escalators – most of which are deserted (we can't figure out how she does that).


Another quite self-explanatory account is @londongraffiti. You'll see lots of cool street art when you walk around London yourself – there are literally thousands of masterpieces all over the city. This account will make sure you don't miss any of it.

The person who runs the account is based in Berlin sometimes, so from time to time you'll see photos of Germany's coolest city too – we're sure you can put up with that.


Despite the name, @mrwhisper's Instagram is something to shout about. He describes himself as a "visual storyteller" – which we think is a pretty accurate statement. His posts are unmistakably London but aren't clichéd – he gets it right. So occasionally you'll see a glimpse of a red bus or another "postcard" favourite on one of his shots, but they're all so original that he gets away with it.


@siobhaise (AKA Siobhan) is a seasoned city snapper who's tactical with her posts. Unlike most of us, she makes a conscious effort to ensure that her Instagram photos complement one another – in other words, so that they follow on from each other and tell a story.

Siobhan loves colours and hues – her Instagram is a like a Dulux colour palette. She's originally from Ireland but has lived in London since the late 1990s – so she knows it inside-out – and is proof that you don't have to be born and raised in London to become a proud Londoner.


Think of la défraîchie as the French answer to Siobhan. She too embraces colour and pastel shades, and adopts an inventive approach to her pictures, capturing everything from architecture and city streets to flowers and artisan food.

It also appears that @ladéfraîchie goes away on holiday quite a lot too – so occasionally you'll see a non-London snap. Her photos inspire wanderlust.