Making commuting to and from university a bit easier

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Making commuting to and from university a bit easier

The commute from your lecture hall to your accommodation might not be top of your list of priorities, but don’t let it be an afterthought. Whether you choose to walk, cycle or hop on the nearest tram, tube or bus, make your commute as easy as possible with our top tips.

Getting up and getting out

Half the battle, especially when it’s the crack of dawn, is just getting out of your cosy bed and to that 9am lecture. Often it can seem the easy option to hit snooze on your alarm and just miss the lecture entirely, but don’t miss out on that valuable learning just to catch up on sleep.

Often the best trick is just to get straight into the shower or away from your duvet, and you’ll find yourself awake and alert by the time 9am hits and you’re sat in front of your Professor.

Walking doesn’t have to be a chore

Walking is by no means the last resort. Create a playlist of your favourite tunes to make the stroll to your lectures seem less of a chore. Twenty minutes with your friends will seem quicker than plodding along on your own, or if you can listen to some of your favourite songs you’ll find yourself at your university building before the playlist finishes.

Don’t forget to dress for the weather too - a good coat in winter is essential. The drowned rat look doesn’t look good on anyone and nobody wants to spend their entire walk thinking how cold they are, so make sure you’re warm and dry in winter and cool enough in summer.

Get fit whilst travelling too

That 15-minute commute in the mornings is the perfect time to fit in a workout. No, we don’t mean you should be pumping iron or performing burpees on the bus, but if you can cycle or even run to and from your university building then why not take the opportunity to burn a few extra calories?

Londoners who take to their bikes are shown to be six times fitter than other commuters in the city, and with your workout boxed off every morning you can afford to indulge with a lot less guilt. If you choose to be a calorie burning cyclist then make sure your bike is safe, you’ve got a sturdy helmet and you take a bike lock with you to avoid it being stolen whilst you’re studying.

Keep track of changes and delays

Nobody wants to encounter delays and be the late one sneaking into the back row of the lecture hall, and with all of the modern travelling phone apps at our fingertips you needn’t be stuck waiting for a bus or train again. From Moovit and CityMapper to TrainLine and TFL, there are plenty of ways to keep up to date with any sudden changes or delays along your usual route.

Don’t miss out on your breakfast

It can be too easy to miss breakfast altogether when you're rushing around in the morning.. However, it’s the most important meal of the day and skipping food before you head off to university will only result in you feeling more tired and craving unhealthy options by lunchtime.

Make time for your breakfast in the morning, even if it’s eating a banana en route or sitting down to eat cereal before you leave. Obviously there is the option of buying lunch from anywhere on your route but it can often be an unhealthy or sugar-filled choice, so make sure you’re giving your body what it needs before a day of studying and learning.