New year, new meals: a rough guide to healthy eating in London

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New year, new meals: a rough guide to healthy eating in London

After the excesses of Christmas and the tired feeling that can bring, many people choose to blow the cobwebs away by getting a bit of exercise – but we think there's a lot to be said for simply adjusting your diet. And besides – long-distance running isn't for everyone.

If you can eat well and exercise, great, but if you can't then going out of your way to eat more nutritious foods will certainly make a big difference. Healthy foods provide your body with vitamins and minerals, and they can also make you feel generally much better about yourself. In this blog we aim to give you a bit of encouragement and perhaps a few pointers to help you get started.

Make an effort to cut down on fried foods

We'll start with a really big one. Now, we're not saying you should totally erase fried stuff from your diet, just go a little easier on it. We'd never suggest that you give up fish and chips or fried chicken, but certainly make sure you're not having them too often.

Fried foods contain saturated fats, which over time can clog arteries and cause serious health problems – and of course in the short-term saturated fat can cause weight-gain. By making an effort to eat fried foods in moderation instead of habitually, you'll be doing yourself a lot of good in the long-run.

Try to eat leaner meats and more fish

We all know that meat contains protein, which greatly helps in the growth and repair of our bodies – we're taught that when we're young. However, though all meats contain protein, red ones such as beef and lamb also contain a lot of saturated fat – which we should avoid as much as possible.

White meats, like chicken and turkey, are leaner and generally much better for you – and you should go for these much more often than you do red meat.

Fish is arguably even better for you. As well as protein it contains omega-3 fatty acids, which help to prevent cancer, heart disease, and even depression. Salmon is a wonderful fish that you can do so much with, and for those of you who really like your meats, try tuna steak – if you've never had it before you're in for a real treat.

Include more green vegetables, more often

Packed with vitamins and nutrients, green vegetables are also low in calories – meaning they're a perfect option for evening meals. For example, a dish of fish (or chicken), potatoes and broccoli in the evening should keep you satisfied until the following morning – and of course you won't be taking in that many calories.

Some nutritionists say that the healthiest way to cook green vegetables is in a steamer (you can buy these from pretty much any department store or supermarket nowadays). Just remember not to overcook them, as the crunch is a big part of the enjoyment.

Snack on healthy foods

If you're a habitual snacker, replace things like crisps and chocolate bars with nuts and a small pot of Greek yogurt and granola.

If you eat fairly big meals, it's best not to snack between them. If you're more of a nibbler than a feaster, snacking lightly throughout the day is fine – in fact it'll keep you energised and perky.

Healthy eating in London is easy

Being such a cosmopolitan and multicultural place, London is brimming with places you can eat healthily and enjoyably. Whether you're out for lunch or dinner, you'll be able to find somewhere that serves a delicious and nutritious meal.

We host healthy eating events in our buildings every now and again – with some coming up towards the end of January. Why not get involved?