Staying safe in London

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Staying safe in London

Despite the recent London terror attacks, London remains a statistically very safe city to visit, live and call home. Though it is a safe city, it is always worth being up-to-date on the latest safety advice so you know how to minimise risk and what to do in the event of an emergency.

Out and About

When out and about, you should always remain vigilant and aware of your surroundings. This is especially important in crowded areas such as tourist attractions and tube stations. If you see any suspicious activity or items then you should immediately report it to a member of staff or police officer.

In the exceptionally rare event that you experience a terror attack then you should follow the RUN, HIDE, TELL rules of the MET Police. These rules indicate that you should first run to safety, then hide or barricade yourself from danger, and lastly you should call 999 and inform the police of what has occurred when it is safe to do so.


When taking any mode of public transport you should have a general idea of the times that your bus/train runs and when the last bus/train home is, thus avoiding getting stuck miles away from your house. To avoid these unfortunate circumstances you can plan your journey in advance using the TFL Journey Planner.

You should always use licenced taxis that you have booked in advance. Only registered black cabs can pick you up off the street, so if any other taxi offers to pick you up without a prior booking then do not accept it. Lastly if you intend on walking home then try to organise to walk with a friend or group, especially at night. If walking alone is your only option, stick to major roads with good lighting and visibility; take a longer safer route home rather than a shorter route that takes you down dark alleys.


When leaving your house you should make sure that all windows and doors are locked and secured; the door should have a high quality dead lock. Make sure all valuables are out of sight and monitor any suspicious activity outside of your house.

All Pure Student Living properties are fitted with 24/7 CCTV which acts to deter would-be thieves. Similarly all properties operate a secure lock entry system, requiring a key card to enter the main building and to then enter your flat or room. Lastly, living with lots of other students offers safety in itself, there’s a great community feel with everyone looking out for one another and reporting anything suspicious. After all a thousand pairs of eyes are better than one!