Three places London students can go for a day trip

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Three places London students can go for a day trip

London offers unlimited excitement, but every now and then it's nice to escape the city for a day. With the Easter bank holidays coming up, you've got a great opportunity to jump on a train and explore another part of the South. Here are three places you can go, all of which are easily accessible from London by rail.

Salisbury (to see Stonehenge)

London is full of fascinating old things, but it doesn't have anything quite as old as Stonehenge – which is so old that archaeological experts aren't even sure exactly when it was built. Their best guess is between 3000 BC and 2000 BC.

Stonehenge lies eight miles south of Salisbury. A direct train runs regularly from London to Salisbury, so getting there should be no problem. As soon as you arrive at the station, you'll be able to hop on a tour bus which takes you to Stonehenge.

Tourists from all over the world visit Stonehenge. Living in London, you're less than 90 miles away – so what are you waiting for? And just think of the Instagram opportunities...


It's only 60 miles from London. The train gets you there in just over an hour, sometimes less. It's considered one of Britain's most beautiful cities. The first stop, of course, is the world-famous University of Oxford. You're free to explore the campus, which is massive by the way (it has 38 different colleges).

Then there's Christ Church Cathedral, which belongs to the university – and it's over 800 years old. One unusual Oxford attraction is the Headington Shark, which is, well, a sculpture that looks like a shark has fallen from the sky and embedded into the roof of a house (an actual house). Weird, very weird, but definitely worth a look. We think it's just as instagrammable as Stonehenge.

To be honest, you probably don't need a detailed guide if you're heading to Oxford – just wander round and explore for yourself, there's something interesting at every turn.


Londoners have been travelling to Brighton on day trips since the railway was completed in 1840. Out of the three places in this list, this seaside town is the closest to London. But that's not the only reason you should go.

Must-do activities include walking along Brighton Pier, eating fish and chips for lunch, and having an ice cream at some point (no matter what the weather). Just over two miles inland from the pier is Brighton Royal Pavilion – a building every visitor should see. As its name suggests, it was built for a monarch – King George IV, to be precise. Construction started in 1787, and it took 36 years to finish.

It's a stunning building, which looks a bit like the Taj Mahal. It was used as a military hospital during the First World War. It's a really fascinating building. Go and check it out.

London: the place to be

Living in London means you're in the middle of all the excitement, but also within reach of anywhere else in the UK. That's the beauty of living in the capital.

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