Top 10 best cheap eats in London

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Top 10 best cheap eats in London

One of the top hobbies of university students across the UK has to be…eating! If you are lucky enough to go to uni in the capital, you will have an endless choice of restaurants, takeaways and food markets to tickle your taste buds. With so much to choose from, where do you start?  

Check out our list of top 10 best cheap eats for students in London.

1. The Breakfast Club

The all-day diner which takes its title from John Hughes’ 1985 cult movie of the same name is a popular morning stop for breakfast lovers in all corners of the capital. You can order both English and American breakfasts – try the thick pancakes with maple syrup and bacon – in cool and quirky surroundings. But beware that queues to get a table can be lengthy!

Check out The Breakfast Club website for more details and the full menu.

2. Hummus Bros

If for you hummus really is life, then make sure to take a trip to Hummus Bros in Soho, Holborn, St Paul’s, Exmouth Market, Chancery Lane or Monument. You will get your own bowl of tasty hummus with a choice of awesome toppings with some salad and warm pitta to scoop it all up with. A real student favourite, and cheap and tasty option!

Check out the Hummus Bros website for more details and the full menu.

3. Pizza Pilgrims

Of all the foods loved by students, there are few more popular than pizza…and rightly so. There are seven Pizza Pilgrims to choose from across London – all serving up mouth-watering Neapolitan-style pizza made from scratch. If your stomach starts growling, you know where to go for some dinner! And if you'd rather have your pizza to go, you can do that too.

Check out the Pizza Pilgrims website for more details and the full menu.

4. BAO

If Taiwanese steamed buns are you what you fancy for lunch or dinner, try BAO – an amazing restaurant serving tasty, unique and authentic Taiwanese dishes in three locations across the city. What began in 2014 as a six-seater shack in a Hackney carpark is now a firm favourite of Asian food-lovers across London.

Check out the BAO website for more details and the full menu.

5. The Crabtree

Want to experience the best of English ‘pub food’? The Crabtree in W6 is the place to go. Food is both traditional and imaginative, with famous roasts that arrive with mile-high Yorkshire puddings. They also stock a wide range of premium cask ales that changes daily and comes with tasting notes (this place takes their ale seriously!) When the sun shines, the garden is the perfect place to get together with friends by the river Thames.

Check out The Crabtree website for more details and the full menu.

6. Pieminister

One word – pies. With restaurants across London and tonnes of different flavours and side dishes to try (all with free range meat and the freshest ingredients), it’s easy to see why pie-lovers everywhere choose Pieminister as their main eatery. Oh, and the gravy is pretty decent too!

Check out the Pieminister website for more details and the full menu.

7. Fish Central

A staple of the Great British diet, fish and chips is served almost everywhere – but it’s worth being picky about where you go. Fish Central is one of the best places in the city to try it – fresh and simple traditional thick fillets of cod are fried in a light and crispy batter, or if you fancy something a little more extravagant then try the super fresh oysters. The restaurant is situated off the beaten track, but don’t be discouraged as this is a taste of real London.

Check out the Fish Central website for more details and the full menu.

8. Flat Iron

If all you really fancy is a proper steak dinner, try Flat Iron. There are five restaurants across the city, including Soho and Covent Garden, and they specialise in great steaks for an affordable price (starting at £10). You don’t need to book a table, just rock up and get served delicious meat and side dishes of your choice – and maybe stretch to a cocktail or glass of wine (or two!)

Check out the Flat Iron website for more details and the full menu.

9. ChinChin

Everyone needs something sweet every once in a while – whether it’s to treat yourself after acing an exam or assignment, or to drown your sorrows after a particularly tough day, you can find amazing dessert parlours and bakeries across London. ChinChin serves ice cream frozen to order with liquid nitrogen, with lots of delicious flavours and toppings. Its vegetarian-friendly and there are gluten and dairy free options to suit all tastes and diets.

Check out the ChinChin website for more details and the full menu.

10. Silk Road

Chinese is a firm favourite of students, and Silk Road in Camberwell offers some of the best Chinese cuisine in the capital. Authentic, spicy and full of flavour, you can enjoy cheap and cheerful Asian noodles, soups, stews, dumplings, salads and more for a great price. There are lots of vegan and vegetarian options available too.

Check out the Silk Road website for more details and the full menu.