Top tips for finding that perfect summer job

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Top tips for finding that perfect summer job

It’s finally happened; you’ve finished all your exams, had a bit of a summer holiday, and now resigned yourself to finding some temporary work. Whether it is simply to “gain experience” or to earn enough for your next vacation, working during the university holidays is becoming increasingly common. You may be reading this with a smile on your face as you sit at your desk in an office, safe in the knowledge that you’re gainfully employed for the next 6 weeks. However if you’re still looking then read on - it’s not all about desk work!

If you are willing to think outside the box then there are plenty of short term opportunities still available. This post written by The Student Room gives some excellent non-office based work suggestions. Ever fancied working at your favourite music festival or at an outdoor camp? Not only do you get to work outside in the summer sun, but you get the added perk of being able to experience the festival or camp for free. It’s worth looking at some of the smaller local festivals near home, not only are you more likely to find some temporary work, but applications for the big festivals usually close in May.

Maybe you know of a local business that is always extremely busy during the summer, and you think they could do with an extra hand or two? There is little to be lost in going and speaking to them and seeing if there is any opening for you. However as with any interview make sure you are presentable, and it goes without saying that you should probably have a copy of your CV you can give them!

If all else fails and you resign yourself to office work, signing up with a temping agency such as Hays or Reed may yield results. It might also be worth looking at local recruitment agencies, often these will have excellent links with local firms that need short term flexible staff and so can be a wealth of information.

There are many places where short term summer work can be found; it’s just a case of keeping your eyes, ears and mind open. Use contacts that you have made through university and any previous work, as well as friends and family. It is sometimes a case of who you know not what you know that gets you that first step on the ladder.