Valentine's in the capital

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Valentine's in the capital

We want to make sure that both the attached and the single have a great time on February 14th. The way we see it, everyone should enjoy this day and night – not just loved-up couples.

Luckily for us London-dwellers, there's a whole city out there which is full of attractions and activities. So get yourself a cup of tea and have a read through our suggestions – we're sure there's a Valentine's idea in here for you somewhere.

Ideas for couples

Movie and a meal

A classic date option, and for good reason. Who doesn't like films and food? Some people will tell you that going to sit in the dark to watch a film and not talk for two hours is unromantic, but we disagree. On a first date, maybe, as that's the time you'll want to get to know the person. But once you've been going out for a while you'll be comfortable enough to sit together without talking for a while.

Besides, you can do as much talking as you like once you sit down for the post-movie meal (best try not to talk with a mouthful of food, though – trust us, we've learned this the hard way). Of course, you'll have a much better idea of where you'd like to eat than we do – so choose a place you'll both enjoy and you're onto a winner.

A few drinks

One thing London is not short of is bars and pubs. This city loves a good watering hole. Going for a few drinks may not seem like the most out-there Valentine's suggestion of all time, but like the movie-and-meal set-up it's a tried and tested success. And of course, it's great fun.

A ride on the London Eye

You'll probably know what the London Eye is by now, but if you don't, it's that enormous Ferris wheel on the South Bank. And what's more romantic than a Ferris wheel ride? Nothing, is the answer. If you don't believe us, watch The Notebook. Tickets can be booked easily on the London Eye website.

What About singles?

A group feast

For many of us, nothing is more comforting than food. So if you're not seeing anyone, why not get a few friends together and go for a group feast? This may start a heated debate over where to go, or over which nation's cuisine to indulge in, but for singletons on Valentine's Day, there is most definitely strength in numbers.

In fact, you don't even have to go anywhere – you can order it in and stay in the comfort of your cosy accommodation if you like.

Film night

This could come after, or during, the group feast. The sort of film you watch is entirely up to you – if you think you can brave a romantic film, go ahead.

Alternatively, you could watch a very unromantic one. The Prince Charles Cinema, which always thinks of everything, has got this one covered. At 9pm on Valentine's evening, it's showing My Bloody Valentine – a hugely entertaining 'slasher' film which is set, as the title suggests, around Valentine's Day.

A shopping spree

Nothing says "I love me" like a shopping spree. Treat yourself to something nice – a new shirt, a new skirt, or a big bag of Haribo. Just like the feast and the film options, the more the merrier.

Get a room

Whether you're spending Valentine's with that special someone or with a bunch of friends, there'll be nothing more comforting than our accommodation.

Take a look at our different locations, choose the one that's right for you, and book your room – it's that simple. Feel free to give us a call on +44 (0) 20 8912 5020 if you need us to explain anything.