Welcome to the City of London

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Next year, Pure Student Living will open our fourth property to students. It will be located in Barbican, close to the City of London, one of the most historic areas of the capital and home to a whole host of famous buildings and monuments.

While often grouped in with the 32 London boroughs, it actually has city status in its own right despite being part of London itself. When the Romans first settled in the area, the City actually made up the majority of London as a whole.

A Legal and Financial Hub

Often referred to as the ‘Square Mile’, the City welcomes upwards of 300,000 workers each day. Many of these will work in the legal or financial sectors, with both industries featuring prominently.

Indeed, the Bank of England and the Old Bailey, which is the most important criminal court in England and Wales, are both found here. In addition, the Royal Courts of Justice are found just outside the west City boundary, while to the east is the iconic Tower of London. Given the area’s close association with finance, it will not surprise you to know that the London School of Economics is one of the closest universities to Pure City.

Other attractions

St Paul’s Cathedral is arguably the most popular tourist attraction in the City. These days it is mostly remembered as the location of Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s wedding, but it is of course a significant location in its own right. The current incarnation is its fifth, with previous structures suffering damage in key historical events such as the Great Fire of London and World War II.

One of the most striking features of the London skyline is the tower at 30 St Mary Axe, more commonly known as ‘The Gherkin’. This is just one of many tall buildings found in the city. Indeed, many of London’s largest skyscrapers are shared between the City and nearby Canary Wharf.

English students may be interested to note Dr Johnson’s House, where you can step into the former home of the man famous for creating the Dictionary of the English Language, often cited as the first dictionary to enter common use. Another nod to the area’s history is found at the Monument near London Bridge, which commemorates the Great Fire of London.

Staying at Pure City

If all of this has convinced you that London is the best place to come and study, then Pure City provides the most centrally located, high quality student accommodation around.