Where to watch the World Cup in London

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London is famously a very multicultural city, and this is particularly noticeable during major sporting events as supporters across the capital venture out to cheer on their heroes.

This summer it’s the turn of the football World Cup, and as usual London’s pubs and bars will rise to the occasion and ensure fans don’t miss a moment. The tournament itself runs from June 12th to July 13th, which will give our summer residents plenty to do during the break.

While a combination of late evening kick off times and the general feeling that England won’t do very well means that the normally popular big screen at Trafalgar Square will be absent this time around, we’ve managed to unearth a few suggestions for enjoying the action.

1. Sports bars

Naturally, London’s sports bars are going to offer an excellent World Cup experience, with late licences allowing most of them to stay open for the 11pm kick-off to England’s match with Italy on June 14th. There are plenty of places that cover all bases, from giant screens to simple, inexpensive pre-match food.

Our Highbury residents have the ideal location on their doorstep in the form of Finsbury Park’s The World’s End, which boasts a giant projector screen and idyllic surroundings, as well as table football to keep you occupied in between matches.

Alternatively, you could venture over to the Emirates Stadium and visit Arsenal Tavern, an atmospheric pub/hostel that unsurprisingly caters perfectly for fans of the beautiful game.

2. Booking ahead

Many bars offer special deals and group packages at a reasonable rate if you have enough time to plan ahead. Typically, the most basic offer of a guaranteed seat near the big screen and two or three drinks starts from around £20, so bring along some fellow residents and enjoy an affordable night out at the heart of London.

Good places to go include Belushi’s, which has many bars throughout the city in locations such as Hammersmith, Shepherd’s Bush, Camden, Covent Garden and London Bridge, all of which are easily accessed from our halls.

Wherever you choose to go, it’s important to plan ahead to avoid missing out, as many of these events are likely to sell out quickly in the run up to the tournament.

3. Pure sites 

That’s right – if you feel like having a night in, our accommodation provides all you need to experience the World Cup from the comfort of your student halls.

Our social areas will already have given you a chance to make some new friends, and if you have chosen a shared living area this is an ideal opportunity to relax with your fellow summer residents and enjoy the action.

Depending on how many of you there are, you could even theme an evening around whoever is playing. For example, you could cook a traditional dish from the country you are supporting.