Your checklist before leaving for the holidays

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Your checklist before leaving for the holidays

Finally, it’s the end of the year and the holidays are coming! Before you leave your Pure Student Living home-away-from-home to go back to your actual home for the winter break, make sure you follow this quick checklist to leave your student digs clean, safe and secure over Christmas and New Year.

1. Clean your room before you leave.

If you do a bit of tidying up, do the washing, change your bedsheets etc. you will feel more comfortable when you return to a clean and cosy room. You don’t want to step back into a messy room in January!

2. Don’t leave food in the fridge or the bins full.

Check the expiry dates of the products you have in the fridge. Depending on how long you are going to be away, you may want to think about throwing them away as a precaution. And remember to empty all of the bins before you leave so that they don’t get smelly or mouldy.

3. Check the taps.

Don’t leave the kitchen or bathroom taps running (unless you want to come back to a flood!).

4. Unplug all appliances and turn lights off.

Unplug your electrical items such as the microwave, iron, hair straighteners, phone chargers etc., and make sure you switch all lights off.

5. Don’t leave the heating on high.

Think about the environment and save energy by turning your heating either completely off or on low whilst you are away.

6. Lock your windows and doors.

For security reasons, make sure all your windows and doors are all locked before you leave. If you live on the ground floor, or by a courtyard, you may also wish to close your curtains for additional security.

7. Buy some groceries and toiletries for when you come back.

If you are planning to arrive late when you come back to uni, it might be that the shops are already closed. Make sure you have stock of the essentials (toilet paper, some food in the cupboard, long life milk etc.) – just in case!

8. And finally, have a safe trip!

From everyone at Pure Student Living, have a great time off, safe travels and a happy New Year. We look forward to welcoming you back after the holidays!